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Win Aviation is a USSOCOM J-31 inspected and approved, CARB certified and FAA Part 91 and 135 air carrier based at DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport (DeKalb, IL) and Coolidge Municipal Airport (Coolidge, AZ).

Outside of the United States Army, Win Aviation is the only operator of the SD-3 SHERPA (C23B/B+) for paradrop operations worldwide.

We have a long, established history in the parachute industry, supplying paradrop airlift solutions to military clients and facilities in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom since 1996.

As the premier aircraft and aircrew supplier for military parachuting in Southern California and Arizona, we have flown over 70,000 flights executing 1 million jumps in the past six years. We provide a robust service package for the Joint Special Operations Command community for safe, dependable and quality parachute training.

Win Aviation also operates in Canada with its own TOA under the NAFTA agreement and has been approved by the Canadian Department of National Defence for paradrop operations.

Win Aviation aircraft and pilots are further assured by Royal Air Force HQ1Gp, under Military Aviation Authority Regulatory Article 1240, to provide paradrop training support

The depth and breadth of Win Aviation’s Operations, Logistics and Maintenance organizations enables it to support multiple geographically dispersed locations, simultaneously.

Mission Profiles

  • Static Line and Military Free Fall operations
  • HALO/HAHO jumps
  • Military tandem tethered bundle drops
  • Double-bag Static Line jumps
  • Pallet and cargo drops
  • Day and night operations
  • Water and ocean drops
  • Ultra-cold weather missions
  • Infiltration and extraction missions
  • Rescue and resupply missions
  • Spotter training
  • Air-to-air photography




F3EA is a dedicated high-quality training and management service solutions organization. F3EA provides support personnel, mission-tailored exercises and evaluations, security, and training services focused on the highest tier military and government teams within the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community and Department of Defense (DoD).

CPS is a specialized tactical outfitter of military parachute and training solutions. We provide the safest, most tactical parachute equipment solutions and training programs to Special Mission Units (SMUs) and Search and Rescue Teams around the world.

TAO is a premier service-disabled veteran-owned small, disadvantaged business (SDVOSDB) in the military freefall industry, training America’s elite military forces. Our leadership team comprises former Special Forces operators, US Parachute Association instructors, International Bodyflight Association examiners, world record holders, gold medalists, and Military Jumpmasters.

MTF has over 20 years’ experience in military parachute instruction and continues to deliver world renowned military freefall and static line training to various international military groups. Lead by our company owners, MTF has conducted over 50 basic military freefall training courses and over 100 canopy control courses for US Special Operations Command units.

Paraclete is a veteran owned, FAA Part 91 aircraft operator specializing in aircraft leasing, military aircraft support and military free fall training. Our team consists of highly experienced military parachute specialists that have worked with the US Army Golden Knights, Special Forces, MARSOC, AFSOC Rangers, Navy Leap Frogs and many more.



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